One and Done™ Warming Leg Bronzer

  • Type:Immediate & Delayed Bronzers
  • Size:6 Fl. Oz.
  • Download:PDF
  • Line:JWOWW
Craving darker legs? One and Done™ Leg Bronzer was created with you in mind! The One and Done™ Bronzing Blend combines with the Sultry Smooth Blend to reduce the need to shave as often and increase the appearance of toned, energize skin. For the darkest legs in just one session, let's all be One and Done™!
  • One and Done™ Bronzing Blend: DHA is perfectly blended with Jenni's proprietary Concentrated Black Walnut Extract for immediate and darker, delayed color
  • Sultry Smooth Blend: Ideal combination of Warming, Caffeine and Shave Minimizers work to achieve darker color that will last
  • Jenni's Signature Skincare Blend: Scrumptious Yogurt base is infused with Pear and Black Currant Oil for visibly smooth and delicious
  • Fresh-to-Death Essentials: Vitamin E and Shea Butter keeps your skin looking young and vibrant
  • Fragrance: Midnight Pear

"I always have a hard time keeping color on my legs, so I wanted to introduce a lotion that would achieve darker, longer lasting color. Now you can strut your stuff! xoxo, Jenni"

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One and Doneâ„¢ Warming Leg Bronzer

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