One and Done™ Black Bronzer

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  • Size:13.5 Fl. Oz.
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We’re upping the “WOWW” factor with this super-advanced One And Done™ Bronzer. Get color at the speed of light and see yourself shades darker in one session! An exclusive fusion of bronzers mix with Jenni’s signature skincare ingredients for a shore-thing tanning experience! YOLO (You Only Live Once) you might as well look fabulous! 
  •  One and Done™ Bronzing Blend:Guaranteed to get you shades darker in just one session!
  • Jenni’s Signature Blend: Yogurt base infused with Black Currant Oil and Pear Extract for visibly smooth skin
  • Fresh-to-Death Essentials:Vitamin E and shea butter keep skin young and vibrant
  • Mad Moisturizers: Four luxurious Oils keep skin feeling hydrated and prepare it for dark color
  • Fragrance: Asian Pear
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One and Doneâ„¢ Black Bronzer

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